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This is officially a dead account in regards to artwork - I will occasionally upload old fanfiction and new writing projects that constantly needs beta-ing. I'm an official lurker and part time bitch - BUT I AM NOT ACTIVE ARTISTICALLY. Feel free to hmu tho


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Crazy Gamer Talk 4 tweens! - VOICE ACTORS NEEDED

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 8:57 PM

College Gamer Videos – Crazy Gamer Talk 4 tweens! (CGT4T)

An internet reality show focusing on the daily lives of devoted gamers. They have to vlog their daily lives and review games. 

This is going to be a spin off of the already existing web series known as Wacky Game Jokez 4K Kidz with original characters designed by me and elements of Hotdigeddydemon's planned Season 2 of WGJ4K (which he is not continuing). This will be in the form of either an full colored animatic or a full animation.

WHAT I NEED: I need some voice actors for this. Not that I need it urgently, but I want to start looking now so that I don't get to that point.
Unfortunately, this is not a paid project. Purely for fun, and again considering that I just got flash and I actually need to learn how to make the characters move and write the script, don't expect anything from me anytime soon. I'll probably hit you up in a year or two. I need people who won't bail on me and I can count on. Who knows, I might make more than one episode. 

You need to have a decent quality mic - please no laptop mics. It doesn't matter where you upload - you can either note me with the link or comment here. Feel free to add your own lines.


PICTURE: Va by NicaRox  (I will provide the voice for the main character, the purple haired chick, which is why she has an x on her. I don't need auditions for her, so don't ask)

Boss Lady
 - I need a calm and collected British (doesn't matter which dialect) accent that actually sounds like an aged woman. REFERENCE:…
Lines you can use:
"Miss Beatrice, you do understand your situation? You are in no position to make the calls."
"Is that understood?"
"Let's hope you don't make that mistake again, or there will be consequences."

May - Passionate and a current advocate for feminism and racial equality, May lets everyone know just how she feels about those topics. Even if no one asked – not that she really cares. Most of the things she says don't make sense and she contradicts herself all the time. Although she does like playing video games, she never fails to critically 'analyze' it for any unjust flaws. Sometimes, however, she is smarter than she lets on.

I need a very high pitched, yet hardcore Brooklyn/New Jersey type accent. Very girly, sassy and has an attitude. She also has the characteristics of a dumb blonde. She is the stereotypical internet ignorant SJW slash feminist, and contradicts herself all the time. She is also a gamer.

Lines you can use:
Then why do you have a picture of him in your left drawer, to my right, with a lock and next to your diary with pink hearts drawn all over?”
This is eliciting a passionate and heartfelt yet irrelevant speech about equality. <background noise> Blah blah blah blah women's right in America blah blah blah blah White CIS male privilege blah blah blah blah blah”
I feel like there's is something terribly unequal and biased by all this, but I think that's just my imagination.
"I'll show you who's the tough one!! Some other day!!"

Possible Candidates:
Lily-Lucid enigmatic Doodle

Gilbert - A skater type of guy with a slight stereotypical Cali Surfer type of accent, overall he's a very chill dude. He is also the the stereotypical over hyped gamer, and stereotypical Pewdiepie type of fan. 
REFERENCE:…… (click the Young Kevin clip)

Lines you can use:
"I don't know, she seemed pretty chill to me."
"Awesome - do it again!!"
"Did you say brain eating vampire zombies??! I'm in!"

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Lilicia-Onechan Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey! thank you so much for the watch!!! :iconihappyloveitplz:
AlaskaSnow16 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Why just a lurker :ohnoes: ?
NicaRox Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015
I like going in the forums :shrug:
That, and I have had a huge creative block, and Deviantart was not doing anything for me. Thought it would be a good idea to perhaps practice traditional art. I love traditional art.
AlaskaSnow16 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought digital was your forte :baffled: 
NicaRox Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015
Yes it is. But naturally as most other artists, I began with computer paper and a cheap pencil. I loved the feeling of it but I just don't like the result of (my) work. Thought I would get back into it. I think there's more discipline in traditional. Plus every time I pick up my tablet pen, I just end up chucking it.
I frankly believe traditional art beats digital art any time. There's more work, more patience, more everything. Whereas we digital knowitallz have the pretty undo button. :shrug:
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