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Hello everyone!! I'm baaaaaack!! With a premium :D I have missed every one of you!!
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 ~ Prepare yourselves, because this one is going to be a doozy! I also might add more later! Just so we are clear, these are my BIGGEST inspirations here on DA (in no particular order). I have joined DA technically in 2012 (2013?), however, I consider myself to be a part of the DA family since 2006! Those were my weaboo days in which I discovered a lot of cool artists, which thankfully, *most* are still here! So without further ado!

 :iconx-jazzy-b-real-x: Jazzy B Real

Oh man! What to say about her! I remember encountering Jazzy's artwork back when I was crazy about Amy Rose (still love her), and Jazzy's portrayal never ceased to amaze me! Her art was so different than what I was used to seeing at the time, even now! So simple, yet so elegant! I definitely see her influence in my lineart. It's actually because of her I have a soft spot for ShadowxAmy. Though I am not a feminist like her, I really love how she portrays female characters — both in her written works and art! This concept of finding yourself and loving yourself is absolutely something that must be done more often! She does a good job at exploring those concepts in depth and quite frankly makes me nod vigorously in agreement! What did it for me personally was her writing! Oh man, if only I could write half of what this awesome person can do without sounding so awkward. Her written works have made me cry, it's all so powerful and surreal! All in all, Jazzy's works are stunning and no doubt she is (still) a huge source of inspiration for me!
HaNg the One You LoVe__Wip by x-Jazzy-B-Real-xDeath Glare__Sketch by x-Jazzy-B-Real-xShadow of the Day__Jim x Ariel__Sk by x-Jazzy-B-Real-x

 :iconsolkorra: SolKorra

I recently discovered SolKorra not too long ago! Can I just say, I wish I had this girl's dedication? Man, she has come such a long way. I wish that I was dedicated with my art like she is! Her art is pure hard work and I admire her for it! I am in love with her OC Sol! I love how she does backgrounds and how she has a touch of Avatar The Last Airbender style integrated in her own style. The amount of detail she has in her pieces is absolutely breathtaking! I cannot even fathom the patience and dedication it goes into making her animations! The girl has made animations with Gimp! Long ones, and oh my god! They are absolutely breathtaking! Her watermarks are so professional too! Every time I look at her artwork, it just looks like I am looking at concept art for a show or something! Very nice and very neat! Anyone who is a Legend of Korra fan, Avatar fan or just a fan of original artwork, SolKorra is definitely the place to go! Her art is stunning and you can see the effort put into it! Give the girl a prize for her hard work! She deserves it!
Korra Portrait by SolKorraLegend of Sol: The Team Avatar by SolKorraKorra: Water Strom by SolKorra

 :iconadeacia: Adeacia

OH MY GOD! Adeacia was one of the first people I have encountered here on DA (though, she didn't know it at the time for I was still in middle school xD) Back when I was still a SasukexSakura fan, her art was the first thing I saw. I really like(d) reading doujins, so evidently I ran across hers. I loved her take on the characters! So adorable and pretty! I remember thinking back then 'I wish to someday draw like her!' I was in love with Adeacia (still am) and truthfully, I look up to her as a sort of mentor (even though I am in college now haha) Since she was one of the first major people I discovered here on DA, she is one of those I absolutely I can never forget! Her art is gorgeous and so pretty! The kind of style I always hoped to achieve, but never did (now, I cannot even come close! I cannot draw cutesy anything for the life of me!) I love the airbrush type of feel she has in her drawings and I can definitely see the inspiration on how I draw eyes now! 
$ SasuSaku - Shinonome - P31 $ by AdeaciaX Orla x by Adeaciax ArcheAge - love my baby sis May x by Adeacia

 :iconvampiremeerkat: VampireMeerkat

There is literally nothing to say about this chick. Her name, her icon and her art say it all. This is one kickass human being! Sometimes I feel like she is the only one in this website that makes sense! I absolutely love her personality; such a breath of fresh air. And her art has no words. I discovered this gem by coincidence on a youtube video; her art was just a mindblow for me. She has the characters spot on and gives them personality and story. Give this woman an award for goodness sake. Make her an animator, make her famous! Besides her fanart, she is an absolutely wonderful person. She is straightforward and respectful. She will give it to you straight. Her creativity is amazing, and it disappoints me that she isn't one of the most famous people on the internet and especially when people whine about her being 'mean'. Where she gets her tolerance is beyond me, but kudos to her! Her original characters and work is gorgeous and well thought out. Her artwork is splendid and incredible. Go check her out.
DenNIM by VampireMeerkatWhen Kevin says nothing at all by VampireMeerkatFairy Queen by VampireMeerkat

 :icondctb: CT

Oh man! I remember this guy back when Korra was at it's early stages. His artwork just made my jaw drop at how someone could portray the characters so accurately and on model! I remember actually leaving a comment proposing to him. I still don't regret it. This guy is going places. His art has influenced me quite a bit, in terms of the originality and creativity. I think what makes him really stand out, is the fact that he uses Gimp for his art. Now, I know it's the artists' skill that make the art, not the program, however, my patience and talent for Gimp is in the negatives. People don't think of Gimp as a powerful program, but this guy is proof that the only barrier for good art is yourself. He is dedicated to his art and it shows. I do hope one day to be like him, in every sense. He is dedicated and skilled. To me, he is just proof that if I put my heart into it, I can achieve great things. Not only that, but the guy makes music. You just cannot get any cooler than that!
Air Korra by dCTbAnnie Mei Steal Your Heart by dCTbTo Die With The Sun by dCTb

 :iconyamigirl21: Yamigirl21

Yamigirl21 is just one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure to meet here on DA! Her art brings back my love for Yu-Gi-Oh and I can definitely say her art has influenced me the most! Her lineart is incredible and her coloring is gorgeous! What really blows my mind though, is the fact that it's all watercolors. Like, holy cow! I have a special place in my heart for those who draw in traditional media. How do you guys get so good!? I can barely imagine doing backgrounds in digital media, I cannot even begin to imagine how she does it with watercolors! What I also absolutely love is the pencil work! So crisp and so very clean! Her style is very distinct and so pretty! How she draws hair has definitely influenced onto my artwork. Besides that, her writing is just breathtaking! She is one of the few authors to make me cry! She is a dedicated artist and most certainly skilled. Her art is the type of art you can just look at for hours nonstop! Definitely check Yamigirl21 out!
Sirenia in Pencil by Yamigirl21Jeanette + Sephiroth 2 for JonquilAries by Yamigirl21Yami + Teana: Illustration 1 by Yamigirl21

 :iconabrza: ABRZA

I discovered her around the same time as CT. Her artwork was something so... different. Her coloring, her style. My goodness, it's just that kind of art you can't stop looking at. She has a style all her own; the painting-like coloring is smooth and so realistic. I love her sense of color use and the vibrancy. It's just so aesthetically pleasing to look at! I hope one day to just grasp whatever magic possesses her artwork, because damn! Just looking at her art makes me ridiculously happy! Do not even get me started on her beautiful way of drawing hands! Definetly check her out if you want beautiful sharp and crisp art!
It's freezing and... by ABRZAStars by ABRZATarzan by ABRZA


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A1da by NicaRox
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: Ceci - Tagl : by NicaRox
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Lineart by NicaRox
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Additional characters are another 700
Unlike my regular prices commissions, you can only get a bust (my regular priced commissions you can have any other pose, more detail etc/ These are just quick)


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